“ Clarity is power ”

Why SalesDials?

The power to anticipate, knowing what is working in the moment
and how to improve it even more.

In Business, it's not the biggest that wins, but the most adaptive. In order to adapt, one has to anticipate the consequences rather than react to them.

Hence, measuring is the only way to create sustainable business success.

Decipher, analyze and anticipate your business in real time with a single glance.

SalesDials offers you monitoring and measurement of your critical driver activities and gives you the ability to understand what is happening in your business before seeing the books at the end of the month, quarter or year. It is a measurement plus early warning system that tells you where you might be veering slightly off course and gives you enough information so you can do something about it before the situation becomes a problem.

Improve your workflow through better understanding and coordination within your team

In the sales department, like in others department, there is often a conflict between people who produce the data (sales staff) and those who have the maximum need to measure (Management). Keeping the day to day CRM simple (Highrise) and adding SalesDials solves this problem very effectively.

Simple and intuitive to use, operating in one click anywhere.

SalesDials solves problems such as data quality issues, drop in efficiency, adopting more closed wall kind of system killing collaboration and openness.

What's measured improves.

Peter F. Drucker

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